We started with a simple idea

The Evolution of our Company

Back in 2007 our Founder, operating a number of independent restaurants, was struggling with converting street front traffic into walk-ins using a traditional paper menuboard. With a background in technology he looked to buy an outdoor digital sign, but at a cost of $10k for just the screen, it was not economical for him or any other business. Convinced there was a solution, he set out to build an outdoor digital menubox solution and over the next year through several failed attempts Digital Menubox was born. The original system allowed restaurants and retail locations with a dynamic signage alternative to traditional paper signs at a cost comparable to a paper display with the ability to schedule menus and messages by date, day and time and the solution was offered for sale.
After successfully selling several hundred units we noticed that people were rarely updating their digital menuboxes with content so we spent time talking to our clients and quickly realized was that people loved our product but didn’t have enough time to update another channel. A common problem in a growing channel environment where operators now had to update multiple channels and consumers spent a majority of their time with in front of screen choosing between the web, social media, native apps, email, text messages and more how a brand can communicate with them. With no sign of going back to the old days of radio, television and print as your only channels our mission became clear:
We needed to develop a solution that would save time.
In 2009 we patented the process to simultaneously update interactive and non-interactive screens from one source and received our patents in 2015. Effectively this meant our solution needed to take a campaign first approach and allow operators to access and publish content in UNOplace and across all channels in UNOclick.


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